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Commercial Property Coverage

This coverage covers the building or buildings against specified losses as described in the policy contract, such as fire, vandalism, water damage, theft, etc., subject to certain limitations and exclusions.

Coverage could include all appurtenant structures and equipments usual to the occupancy of the insured, fixtures, machinery, appliances, refrigerators, air conditioning, floor coverings, etc.

Business Personal Property

This policy covers Business Personal Property owned by insured's premises as described in the policy for which a limit of liability is shown, while in the building. The coverage includes the value of materials furnished, labor performed, and charges occurred by the insured. In general, there are three types of property coverage: Basic Form, Broad Form, and Special Form; but none include Flood and Earthquake.

Commercial General Liability

The peril of liability is one of the most severe risks facing a business enterprise. In recent years, both the frequency and severity of legal awards from damages as a result of negligence, products liability, advertising injuries, contractual liabilities, and other sources of liability have increased dramatically.

Nevertheless, the prudent business manager is aware of the fact that it is  virtually impossible to operate without liability insurance. In this case, the insurance company will pay on behalf of insured all sums which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of Bodily Injury, Property Damage, or Personal Injury caused by an occurrence to which this insurance applies.

To protect your assets against unforeseen lawsuits, it is important to have adequate coverage from the first day that you start your business.

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