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A Homeowner policy insures your home, any structure attached to it such as a garage or porch, and any detached building on your property that is not used for business or rented to others.

This coverage also includes your personal property such as furniture, and clothing, etc. You must review and understand the perils that are covered in your policy; which means not only fire coverage, but also water damage, theft, or any other applicable perils.

Your insurance includes also personal liability that provides payment for bodily injury or property damage to a third party that you or a member of your household could be legally responsible for.

The medical portion of your coverage pays the medical expenses on behalf of someone who is injured on your property up to the policy limit.

Loss of use provides payment up to the policy limit for food and shelter if you have to move out due to the damage to your dwelling as a result of a covered loss.

You may purchase separate policies for flood and Earthquake coverage.

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